Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Buying a Used Car - Tips and Tricks for Tirekickers - Brakes

I think its really important to be able to properly assess a second hand car. Here are some tips on Brakes that you should look out for when you go to see your car.

Checking the Brakes

Go to an empty car park. Speed up to 30mph and come to a sudden stop. If it takes too long to stop or if the car pulls off to one side it may mean that the brakes need to be replaced.

How far do the brakes go down to the floor when you brake.

Check the brake fluid, if it's not the right color or looks watery, then its probably been a long time since the car has been serviced.

When your driving the car, if the steering wheel wiggles in your hands when you come to a stop, it could mean your rotors are bad.

Check if the emergency brake is weak.

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