Thursday, 29 April 2010

Audi team up with Iron Man 22

Audi have teamed up on the promotion of the new Iron Man 2 movie. They have created an Iron Man 2 UK site. This website comes complete with a new game where you get to play as Whiplash, trying to destroy cars at the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. It can be a little bit of fun as a small distraction to work.

"At the core of the Iron Man suit is the worlds most innovative energy source; Repulor Technology. It is clean, powerful and despite the best efforts of the competition, it cannot be replicated." - Sounds like Audi ok!

They also have a compeition, in true promotional fashion. That involves creating and submitting an innovation. The winner gets $15k to develop their idea, a four day trip to california that involves a day at the Audi Sports Car Experience driving an Audi R8. There are other elements to the prize, but this is by far the best.

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